"Of rats: They are a horrible race, those rats, a plague upon our countries. And you find them everywhere: in the cities, on farms, in the Borongreen, in forests and in caves and even in swamps and ships they have been seen. They own a fur of very mixed colours, a pointed snout and sharp teeth as well as a disgusting naked tail. They eat whatsoever they find, may it be your corn, your cattle or yourself. They just cannot stop, if you do nothing against it. You will always find them in a mass leaded by their rat prince, but their superior god is the Nameless himself, because he liketh them." Rats in a game Rats are always found in a pack of about 1D20 or more animals and they do not attack very often, only if they are in a huge tumult or driven into narrow corners. If they attack they always hit unprotected parts of the body, so no armour helps against them. Hit points are always damage points. In a fight against rats, a hero always has to subtract 3 points from his attack, because the animals are so small. RAT CO: 10 AT: 5 PA: 0 LE: 3 RP: 0 HP: 2 damage points MS: 4 Sta: 20 MR: 1 CM: 2

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