"Of steppe-vipers: Seemingly everywhere in the north you will find the beast, the snake which is also called the thread-otter. It is no snake of Hesinde, because it uses a strong poison. But it is by far not so dangerous as the Otter of Boron or the spitting cobra." Nettle-vipers in a game: The nettle-viper is a species deliberately taken from the wide selection of poisoning snakes in Arkania. It it at most 2 steps long and so thin, you may always take it in whole cross-section with your hand. (But you should rather try this on a dead sample !) The viper is living in the northern Arkanian steppes and its nourishment are small rodents. Humans are usually no nourishment to the snake, but if it feels threatened, anything can happen. Even more often a horse will be nervous because of a passing viper. NETTLE-VIPER CO: 9 AT: 12 PA: 0 LE: 6 RP: 0 HP: 1D6+2* MS: 4 Sta: 15 MR: 4 CM: 10 * If a viper hits a hero and succeeds and the hero suffers damage points bigger than 0, there is chance of a poison injection (33%, i.e. 5 or 6 on a D6), which infers 1D20 additional damage points.

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