Toranor Tower Garden

39 01) Leave the shack's door open initially 02) Free the dogs from their cages, which results in a fight against 3 dogs. If the shack's door is closed you have to fight all 6 of them. Afterwards, close the door again, as several swamp rantzies may show up otherwise 03) 5 stagga beetles hide in the hay bales 04) Fight against Pergor. Special loot: 1 girdle of Might 05) As soon as you have defeated Pergor, you find yourselves here automatically 06) The main entrance to the tower is a trap causing loss of LP only 07) An herb garden: several mandrake roots and joruga 08) Secret Entrance: illusionary hedge 09) You find several bones here. If you do not have a shovel with you this reduces your CH by 1 for one day 10) Here as well 11) Another illusionary hedge, your leader receives 250 EP 12) Fight against 5 forest gnomes 13) Dual secured lock at the side entrance. 2 Foramen, 2 lock picks or 1 lock pick and 1 Foramen necessary 14) If you fall out of the tower on the third floor and lose items, you may recover them here 15) If you fulfilled all tasks in the tower you get out at this point automatically. Do not forget the hero left behind at the elevator! Translation by Peridor

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