Realms of Arkania Online
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Recent Updates
All interactive Riva maps are ready.
There are new locations available:
* Ulva
* Trasik
* Tavaljuk
* Gordask
* Keamonmund
* Koskjuk
* Leskari
From now on you can travel Aventuria by sea! Every port city has a harbor master option. The list of incoming ships is changing hourly!

Get your heroes ready for the new on-water encounters and make sure they don't have sea sickness!
The accessible travel area was expanded to the south. New locations include:
* Kvirasim
* Hillhouse
* Kvillkvell
* Thunata
From now on you can import inventory items from the original MS-DOS Shadows over Riva game.
To do this, please proceed to your account settings and upload your saved *.gam file. Think twice before choosing the file, since you can import inventory items only once.
All clairvoyance spells have been implemented.
Accessible locations expand to South East! The following towns are open for travelers:
* Leikinen
* Lanan
* Tenjos
* Kysira
Almost all river towns and campsites now have fishing spots, where the heroes can actually catch fish. In Arkania Online, fishing skill is a meta-skill that can be modified by using the following tools:
* Fishing rod +2
* Spear (combat skill check)
* Net +5
Public schools and academies now have an option to take exams. If the player scores enough points in the exam, his heroes can earn Experience Points, money or even small prizes.
Six new wilderness encounters have been added to the map. They occur in random locations across Svellt Dale.
In the cities with multiple maps (like Riva and Lowangen) when exiting taverns and houses, the party will be redirected to corresponding map and not to the city.
Wells inside towns and cities will allow your party to drink, refill waterskins and listen to some local gossip.
You can analyze magical items in the Stoerrebrandt College! Just use the "Examine Item" icon in the options menu.
The tavern games section is open! From now on your heroes can play popular Aventurian games and win prizes!
The stable option is added. Now you can travel between towns by hiring a wagoner.
The dryad encounter has been added.
Entrance to Travia temple in Thunata has been temporary disabled.
New monsters were added!
The Divine Gifts quest is temporarily locked.
From now on your heroes can experience weather changes while traveling on foot. Since we do not track current time in Aventuria, the weather will be randomly changed each 10 minutes. There are 6 possible weather types, two of which can provoke Frostbite.
The tavern games list has been updated. Now it contains three new games. Check it out!
Some new tools for the content contributors are available in the DEV area. From now on you can generate your own NPCs and add them to the locations.
Yeti New monster class Yeti is available. You can meet Yetis in the Far North.
Each mundane weapon now contains several states:
* damaged
* broken
* poisoned
* unbreakable (blessed)
* magic
The dagger Mengbilar remains poinsoned regardless of the quantity of strikes.
New item candle is now available for use inside dark rooms. Its lighting level is the same as the green amulet.
Apeman New monster class Ape Man A.K.A. Neanderthal is available. Apemen can be found in Thunata and in Bornland in the foot of the Bronze Sword mountains.
Svellt Dale has several new random encounters. Some of them hail from the Realms of Arkania original trilogy.
Lesser VampireVampire Two new monster classes: Vampire and Lesser Vampire are now available!
Towns now contain "well" encounters. There you can meet local people and replenish water supply.
Welcome to the annual Riva trade fair! About ten new attractions are available on Riva's market square. You can buy or win new unique items and meet new characters from all over Aventuria. The event is based on the original RoA3 encounters, that for some reason were never published in game itself. The trade fair will last the whole month of Tsa (February). Do not miss!
New items were published and are currently available at Norbardian and Tulamidian market stalls.
This new tool can extract a list of color codes from images. It works with majority of standard formats like GIF, PNG and JPG.
From now on we can use external URLs for MP3 files that are used for playing background music in locations. This makes audio choices almost unlimited.
We have added the contact form to reach the development team. All the form input is sent to our three lead developers: Lucia, Kaya and Beatrix.
Developers who have permissions to modify the code can now use this cheatsheet that contains the full list of functions, their arguments and output.

If you add or modify an existing function, please update the cheatsheet afterwards!
We have decided that we do not require a separate gallery for location maps. There is only one map added in two years of the game existence. This is why we made Location Maps to be a part of the general gallery. It functions the same way it did before.
Please welcome our new animal monster - the lynx! The lynxes have 5 different kinds: Red Lynx, Raschtul's Lynx, Sun Lynx, Firn Lynx and Goose Lynx. All of them can be found in the forests of North and Central Aventuria!
Two special features of the region described above are worth mentioning. The first is the Boron Temple of Nija, probably the northernmost temple of this cult, and the second is the so-called Tenjos, a bizarre group of rocks a good twenty miles east of Leikinen. Stone towers, pinnacles, cliffs and pillars protrude from Sumu's body as if built by a mad giant builder. In between, gorges open up, the bottom of which can only be guessed at. Anyone who, despite all the warnings, should have the misguided notion of climbing the cliffs or walking among them, will soon discover that they seem to have a strange perfidy inherent in them, which abruptly ends the ledge on which it was still relatively safe to balance along leaves, and those with rock formations attached to balustrades, railings, or pinnacles

Reminiscent of pleasure caves and begging to be explored, further and further off the beaten track and misleading.
A new tool has been added to our graphics toolbox! The Tile Cropper can slice large sprite images into small equal pieces. It is very useful for extracting tiles and map objects from large image collages. Example:
New Northern towns are now accessible by sea. They include several hunting encounters and one combat challenge.

P.S.: We need help with building Festum. If you have a Festum city plan that is relevant for the Third Orc Storm time, please attach it here or send it via our file upload form.
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