Classes & Monsters

In the following chapter we will present some of the standard characters available as a hero standard talent list and with a full character description in these basic rules. Just find your way through the pages from Elf to Warrior and decide for yourself. If you want to look up the talents a certain type fancies you will find a link on every page of this chapter or right here. Now just leaf around or take ditintcly one of the following list:

Arkanian Animals and Monsters

In the following chapter we will introduce some of the most likely encounters your heroes might meet on their journeys through Arkania. This should be some sort of a representative cross-section of all fauna in the enchanted continent and so no wonder, you will find intelligent lifeforms like orks and goblins as well as beats of prey or magic. There is already said much more about Arkania in german issues, but as always you have to be satisfied with what you get.

We will use the following abbreviations:

    CO: The courage of the creature.

    LE: The life energy of the creature.

    MS: The maximum speed in steps per second (steps/fighting turn).

    AT: The attack value; 2 AT/FT means the creature may attack twice per fighting turn.

    PA: The parade value.

    RP: The armour points of a creature.

    Sta: The stamina of a creature, i.e. the time in seconds, that the animal may endure in maximum speed.

    HP: Hit points.

    MR: Magical resistance.

    CM: Class of monster (That was originally the experience points you gain by killing the monster, now think about what this value might give you…)

    The CV (comparison value) for weapons has no meaning against animals, only if these animals are intelligent and use weapons themselves.

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